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12 Big Mistakes When Selling Your House!


After selling real estate for 10 years, I can say I’ve seen some very interesting things. A home for sale with no second story flooring (you could literally see through the floor to the dining room), a toilet installed in the middle of a master bedroom to name a few. So, here’s a list of things I’ve seen that will definitely help you NOT sell your house:

1. Put a For Sale By Owner sign in your yard and never answer your phone.

2. Refuse to get major repairs done on your home that are necessary like plumbing, foundation, AC or roof repairs.

3. Spend no time staging your home for pictures.

4. Take pictures of the bathroom with the toilet lid up, dirty clothes on the floor, and dishes in the sink.

5. Let your yard go “natural” – not mowing, trimming, or cleaning out flower beds.

6. Not addressing that “funky smell” in the house.

7. Unusual paint colors on the walls (black, sparkle, dark red, blue, or green).

8. Follow the buyers around while they tour your home to see what they say.

9. Allow Fido to roam in the house and yard so he can jump on and possibly bite potential buyers.

10. Too much restriction on the times a buyer can see the house (only the second Tuesday of each month from 11-12).

11. Sign a contract to sell your home without your ex-spouse’s signature (the one that lived in the home with you and is still on the title and mortgage).

12. Not disclosing important information like previous flooding, fire and pest issues or insurance claims.

Let a professional realtor help you not make these and many other mistakes that end up costing home owners thousands of dollars when selling real estate. We usually more than make up for the cost of our commission for our clients by saving them money. Let us know if we can help!

Meet the Moss’s!

Meet the Moss’s! We met this sweet family through an open house. After having a negative experience on a previous attempt at purchasing a home, they were nervous about being able to time their move with the sale of their home. Especially in a market where homes were selling in 1 day – they were worried they would not have a place to go soon enough.

After many discussions with our real estate attorney, we were able to put together contracts that protected them in the event that the home they wanted to purchase did not close. With this assurance, they were able to get their home sold after only 10 days on the market at 4k above list!

Moss - Sold1 01-FRONT

Not only did we help them sell their home above asking price, but they got the home they wanted for 24k less than list price. This was another super client with pride of ownership – as you can see from their beautiful, immaculate home that sold.  I can’t wait to see the changes they make in the home they purchased – plantation shutters and hardwood floors to name a few!

moss bought moss - park valley

Thank you Moss’s, we loved working with you!

What Is A Real Estate Appraisal?

paper docs

If your home is under contract that means it is sold, right?

That’s not always the case.  When selling a home, there are three main stages during the transaction where contracts can fall out.  Those are:

  1. The Inspection
  2. The Appraisal
  3. Final underwriting for the buyer’s loan

The Inspection Process:

The buyer pays the seller an amount that “buys” him days to inspect the home and the ability to cancel the contract. This is called the “Option Period.” During this time, the buyer can terminate the contract for ANY reason. The highest percent of contract terminations occur here.

The Appraisal Process:

The buyer’s lender orders an appraisal of the property to protect their loan investment.  If the appraised value is lower than the agreed purchase price, there are 3 options:

  1. Seller can lower the price to the appraised value
  2. Buyer can bring more cash to closing to compensate for the price difference
  3. Seller and buyer can share the cost of the difference between the purchase price and appraisal value
  4. Buyer can terminate the contract and receive their earnest money refund

Final Underwriting for the Loan

This is where cash is KING – there is no underwriting required for a cash purchase.  A prequalification letter from the buyer does not mean the buyer is totally approved for the loan.  Typically, the lender has not reviewed tax documents, divorce decrees, overtime information, and many other items that could disqualify a buyer’s loan.  This is done in the final underwriting process and at this point in the process, there is a small risk of contract fall out.

Of course, using a great realtor team like The Christenberry Group for your home sale and purchase keeps you in the know about your closing process, and helps you “fail proof” your move.  Give us a call – 817-504-4338 or check out Jean Team Homes.

You’ll Never Believe!

Week 34_You'll Never Believe

You’ll Never Believe!

That Real Estate is a lot like delivering a baby!

It’s relatively easy to deliver a baby or close a real estate transaction when everything goes according to plan.  However, when things get challenging and life throws you that curve ball, that’s when the true professionals and specialists really show up.  Here are some examples of recent curve balls in real estate and what my amazing affiliates and vendors were able to do to help:

*Closing a home in 1 week (cash deal) and inspector finds foundation problems – Thomas Engineering was able to get us an evaluation with 1 day notice and this saved the sale for my client.

*AC went out on a listing 1 day before final closing walk thru and Golden Air was able to get AC serviced and repaired the same day we called.

*Buyer’s documents were late arriving at title, and our title rep at Old Republic Title stayed after hours to get our seller who was leaving town to sign closing paperwork.

*3 days before closing, the lender for our buyer told us that the trees had to be trimmed away from the house they were buying or they couldn’t close.  Dennis Elmore, my buyer’s agent personally trimmed the trees so buyers could close.

We love our affiliates, vendors and agents – and of course babies!